My favrourite post

I think my favourite post that I have done is the one that I did on wrestling. I like that post because it was easy and I got to tell the world what I am good at and I learned it all outside of school. I also like it because I could have done that post on any thing and there was not a specific thing that I had to write about and I could Just be my self.people-talking

Migration of people

Many people are migrating all the time weather it is going on vacation walking or riding a bike people are migrating all the time. Just like a couple monthes ago I migrated by moving from one house to another house. To me that moving is one of the biggest ways of migration.

My family celebrations

In my faimly we celebrate many holidays such as: thanksgiving, christmas, easter, birth days and so on. I think the best celebration we have as a family is cristmas. I like christmas because we get lots and lots of preasents. I think that easter second best because of all of the chocolate eges we get. Then I like birth days I like birth days because uou get lots of things such as: preasents, and money. The other celebrations we have like: valitines day thanksgiving and all the others I like them all the same.

Remembrance day

Remembrance day is a day where we remember those soldiers that lost their lives in combat for our freedom. So on remembrance day Everyone should wear a poppy and stop and think about all of those soldieres that lost their lives for your freedom.

Earth day

Earth day is a day where you use the three R’s: reduce, reuse & recycle. On that day you are supposed to turn off your power for 1 hour. I think that Earth day is an important day because it is a day where everyone in our school gets together and cleans up our school yard.

Increase visitors

To increase my visits on my blog by adding more : pictures, videos and other media. Another way I could increase my visitors is to keep adding new posts and adding to old ones. The last way I think I could increase my visitors is to add more widgets.

Internet safety

Internet safety is important because if you put pesonal stuff on the internet then you can never take it off, for example if you put up your adress up on face book it will never leave and then you might have a stranger come up to your house and steel you. so that is one of many reasons that internet safety is imporant to me. so watch what you put on the internet.

What I’ve learned out side of school.

Out side of school last year I learned how to wrestlel. I wrestle out of Hagersville. Over the years I hav gotten very good . I think that I am good because I have never lost a match the whole time I have been wrestling. I have won the provincial tournament twice and my club went to all of eastern canada this year and I got gold in that tournament to. That is one of the many things I have learned outside of school.

Cell Phones

I think that cell phones should not be a loud at school because to some kids they are distractive and they disrupt class if some one texted you or calls you.  Also durring a test you could text and ask your friends for anwsers on a question. Theese are some reasons why I think cell phones should not be allowed in school.

Pictures tell a story

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